Calc II

Fall 2017

To do list

  • Week 1
    • Complete Homework set 0 which is posted on Blackboard. You must submit your solutions on Blackboard before the due-date.  This set is due on September 14, 2017, 11:59:00 PM and will help you review important calc 1-related concepts.
    • After the lecture on Homework set 1 (subs), complete Homework on substitution. You are allowed two attempts and this set should be submitted on Blackboard by September 14, 2017, 1:53:00 PM EDT
  • Week of 9/11-9/17
    • Integration by Parts homework on Blackboard is due September 17, 2017, 11:59:00 PM EDT.
  • Week of 10/3/17
    • Solutions for homework on partial integration are posted on Blackboard. Make sure you review the solutions and compare answers with yours. It is important not to move on from a set of homework until you are satisfied with your own work.
    • Homework  on Improper integration is posted on Blackboard. It is due on October 9, 2017, 11:59:00 PM.
    • Moving forward, we will be looking at areas between curves and we will learn how to compute volumes for solid of revolutions. Please go over the following notes, as you prepare for these concepts which are related to applications of integration.

Reviewing for Exam 1 (09/28)

This exam will cover basic integration rules (review from Calc 1), Integration by substitution, Integration by Parts, Trig Substitution and Partial Integration. Make sure that you are comfortable using the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus as introduced in Calc I. You should start preparing by reviewing all your class notes. One should go over every example done in class and also you should revisit every problem assigned on Blackboard (see details below). Furthermore, you should take advantage of the online video lectures made available by the University of Utah. This is an important resource and you should definitely use it. I will be available during my office hours to discuss and I encourage you to stop by.


Trig Review

Note: Download the files in order to watch the complete videos. Also, it is very important to watch the videos in the order in which they are listed below

Homework for Trig Review




Summer 2012

Fall 2011


Lecture Notes & Handouts


  1. Chapter 6 and  Shell method vs Washer method and Disk, washer and shell methods
  2. chapter-7 and Method of integration
  3. Chapter 8
  4. chapter-9
  5. Chapter 10
  6. Chapter 11

Quizzes & Exams

  1.  quiz1
  2. quiz2
  3. quiz3
  4. Practice questions exam1
  5. Exam 1  Median = 72.5
  6. Exam II
  7. Exam III
  8. Final exam
  9. quiz4
  10. quiz5
  11. quiz 6


     Worksheets and homework   


  1. Worksheet
  2. 6.1 Area
  3. 6.2 Volume
  4. 6.3 Cylindrical method
  5. 6.4 worksheet (work and average)
  6. 7.1 worskheet on integration by parts
  7. 7.2 trig integrals
  8. 7.3 Trib subs
  9. 7.4 Integration by partial fractions
  10. 7.8 Improper integrals
  11. section 8.1
  12. section 8.2
  13. homework on differential equation
  14. Homework
  15. Homework on arclength and area

Some basis Mathematica commands

Integrate[x Sin[x], x] Integrate symbolically
Integrate[x y^2-z,{x,0,2},{y,0,x},{z,0,y}] 3D Integral
NIntegrate[Exp[-x^2],{x,0,10}] Integrate numerically
D[ Cos^5[x],x ] Differentiate symbolically
Series[Exp[x],{x,0,3} ] Taylor series
DSolve[ x”[t]==-x[t],x,t ] Solution to ODE
DSolve[{D[u[x,t],t]==D[u[x,t],x],u[x,0]==Sin[x]},u[x,t],{x,t}] Solution to PDE

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